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Tanzan (Indigo) Aura Quartz

~ Psychic ability, the Blue Pearl, direct inner knowing, recognizing one’s spiritual “blueprint” ~
Tanzan Aura Quartz, also known as Indigo Aura Quartz, is the name given to Quartz crystals which have been pyroelectrically bonded with Indium, Niobium and Gold to create a rich, blue-violet color nad a powerful energy enhancement.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say Tanzan Aura Quartz can bring out latent psychic abilities and enhance one's connection to the higher realms of Spirit.  It stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras, aiding in communication with spirit guides, angels and humans in-Spirit.  It aids in accessing the Akashic Records and other hidden knowledge.

Tanzan Aura Quartz harmonizes with Aqua Aura, Angel Aura and Imperial Gold Quartz, as well as Moldavite, Azeztulite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Lapis and Amethyst.