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Dream Pouches

Dream Pouches™ are small enough to fit easily under your pillow, in a pocket or purse, or on the body in meditation.  They are  filled with 60 to 100 grams of the most beneficial stones for all applications, and they come at a bargain price! (Purchasing the stones in our pouches separately would cost from two to five times as much!)

Robert Simmons was inspired to create Dream Pouches™ during a meditation.  "I was shown the images of the stones to be brought together into each of the different combinations, and was given guidance for the primary purpose of each one. I felt a great excitement at bringing forward the stone combinations I most often work with myself."

Although our Dream Pouches™ are put together with the best stone combinations and a fully positive intention, the effects of stone energies vary from person to person, are not scientifically validated, and we cannot promise any specific results.

Dream Pouches™ are only available as pre-orders.  Payment for pre-orders is collected when your order is placed, and item arrival usually takes 1-2 weeks.