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Fossil Stone

~ Communication with past realms, increases potassium, magnesium & calcium ~
Fossils (from Classical Latin fossilis; literally, "obtained by digging") are the preserved remains or traces of animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past... A fossil normally preserves only a portion of the deceased organism, usually that portion that was partially mineralized during life, such as the bones and teeth of vertebrates, or the chitinous or calcareous exoskeletons of invertebrates. (Source: Wikipedia)

Fossil Stone is literally, stone composed of fossils.  Because these fossils can be from coral, like the Petosky Stone shown above, or other organisms, the appearance of fossil stone will vary.  In some instances it is even dyed.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say fossils can be used to enhance telepathic communication with prior worlds.  It can also improve one's business accomplishments, and increase domestic efficiency.  In crystal healing, fossils can be used to improve disorders of the skeletal system & the hands and feet.